International Money Transfers

International Money TransferPhoto by Pepi Stojanovski on Unsplash

International Money transfers have a bad Rep for A Reason

Whether you want to send money to Thailand for a relative, a loved one, for the purchase of a property or business, you may have found it hard to decide how to best facilitate the transfer. Because all of us had the unpleasant surprise after transferring money to Thailand through a traditional bank that quite a large chunk of our funds seem to have evaporated. Evaporated into the transfer fee, the receiving fee, and a somewhat unfavorable currency exchange rate.

So what are your best choices to transfer money overseas? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of your options to send money internationally?

Money Transfers To Thailand

Your options very much depend on the speed you wish the funds to be transferred, whether the recipient has a Thai bank account, if it is a one off payment or if you need to send funds on a regular basis.

  • Western Union Wire Transfer: A simple and quick method to send funds either online via the internet or through a local agent and is especially useful if you need to get cash to Thailand within minutes. The receiver can withdraw the amount sent by you in Thai Baht in Thailand by using a simple Money Transfer Control Number
  • Bank Services: If you want to send money via an international money transfer from your bank account to a Thai bank account holder we list the process, approximate timescales and approximate costs you should expect to pay

•    Cash Limits: Bringing cash into Thailand and more importantly taking it out again. We provide you with the limits for bringing in money and taking it out of Thailand together with details of any required forms

eCommerce Solutions In Thailand

Trying to find an easy to operate debit and credit card payment provider in Thailand has been far from simple, until now.

  • PayPal – Business and Premier Accounts: Offering a simple solution to accept debit and credit card payments online. Withdrawals can be made to a Thai bank account.