Thailand Business Visa

Most expats living and working in Thailand hold a Business Visa, also called a Non-Immigrant Type “B” Visa.

In order to apply for a One Year Visa Extension, you must hold a valid Work Permit. Your employer must also pay the minimum required salary for your nationality. In addition to the minimum salary requirements, your employer must have 4 Thai employees for each expat.

There is a very common confusion between the requirements for an extension of stay permit and a work permit. The company is not required to employ any Thai employees to obtain Work Permits. Nevertheless, the company must have 4 Thai employees and meet the minimum salary requirements to be eligible for an extension of stay only. The general requirements are as follows:

– Valid Thai Work Permit
– Minimum salary per nationality
– The company must have Baht 2 million in Registered Capital and Baht 1 million in Net Equity
– Four Thai Employees per permit
– One Thai Employees per permit if the only objective of the company is “consulting”
– The company must have an annual audit
– The company must show revenue in the previous year to cover the salary of all foreign employees

Minimum Salary Requirements:

Countries                                                    Minimum Salary THB
Canada, Japan, United States                                                   60,000
Europe, Australia                                                                          50,000
Hong Kong, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Taiwan         45,000
India, Malaysia, Middle East                                                     35,000
China, Indonesia, Philippines                                                   25,000
Africa, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Vietnam             20,000

Main Criteria for a Thailand Business Visa

1.    The foreigner must obtain permit stamp for the temporary entry
2.    The foreigner must earn a salary at the rate in accordance to the rate attached to this order
3.    The business must have a registered capital of no less than 2 Million Baht
4.    The business must submit their year-end balance sheet which has been inspected and certified by a certified accountant. In order to show the financial status, stability, and recognition of business. Overall the audit must show the owner’s equity of no less than 1 Million Baht
5.    The business must submit their year-end profit and loss account which has been inspected and certified by a certified accountant. Overall the total revenue must show an amount higher than the total salary and benefit paid the employee
6.    The business must have the necessity to employ a foreigner
7.    The business must have a ratio between foreign employees to Thai employees of 1:4
8.    The following business shall be exempted from the obligation stated in Point (3), (4), (5) and (6) and will be indulgent in the number of Thai as  stated in Point (7), where they can use 1 Foreigner to 1 Thai staff (a) International Trade business (Representative Office) (b) Regional Office (c) International companies (Branch office)

List of Documents Required for Thailand Business Visa

1.    Petition Forms
2.    Copy of Passport of the Applicant
3.    Acceptance Letter for the intake of a foreigner into the workplace (must follow the format of the Immigration Bureau).
4.    Copy of Working permit
5.    Copies of Company registration documents i.e. Company’s Affidavit and etc. Such document shall be issued for no longer than 6 months.
6.    Copies of the current shareholders’ list (issued by the registrar for no longer than 6 months).
7.    Copies of the latest annual audit
8.    Copies of the company’s latest withholding tax illustrating the list of all employees and the names of all foreigners
9.    Copies of the foreigner’s income tax submitted annually attaching a receipt (if any)
10.    Copies of the latest payment on social funds submitted to the Social Security Office (Sor Por Sor 1-10)
11.    Documents or relevant supporting documents illustrating the importance of the foreigner to the company
12.    Map showing the office and workplace of the applicant.
13.    Other documents which the Investigation Committee may require.
14.    Businesses established in accordance with Point (8) do not have to show documents listed in 6,7, and 11

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