Thailand Marriage Visa

Thailand Marriage VisaIf you are legally married to a Thai National and hold a Thai Marriage Certificate you can get a Non-Immigrant Type “O” Visa at a Thai Consulate abroad. Nevertheless, usually, they will only give you 3-month validity. Please note that there are some exceptions, depending on the country of application, and you may also receive a One Year Type “O” Visa if you show proof of sufficient funds (Baht 400,000). This Visa is valid for one year, but you have to apply for an extension of stay in Thailand or leave every 3 months. In general, to be eligible for an extension of stay permit based on marriage you must be married to a Thai national, and provide proof of 40,000 baht per month income. This income is a “combined income” and includes both the husband’s and wife’s income. The total income may be only from your wife’s salary.

General Requirements for a Thailand Marriage Visa

1.    Married to Thai National, AND

2.    40,000 Baht per month combined income.

a)    Working in Thailand – You must provide your work permit, and taxation records

b)    Working outside Thailand – You must provide a certified income statement from your embassy. You may also be asked to provide a letter from your employer, or other documents to support the proof of income, such as bank statements

c)    Your spouse provides income – Spouse must provide taxation records

IMPORTANT: There has been a lot of confusion regarding if the old rule of providing Baht 400,000 in a Thai bank account is still accurate and sufficient to get a one year Visa extension. Unfortunately, this is NOT the case, and this program has been discontinued. Nevertheless, this is only for a new applicant, if you have your extension approved before October 2006 you can continue to show 400,000 THB in a Thai bank account as criteria for the extension.

–    You must be legally married to a Thai citizen to be eligible. A ceremonial wedding will not be considered
–    The marriage visa consideration process involves two trips to immigration. The initial application. Then, 30 days later, to check on the results.
–    You can apply for a multiple re-entry permit which will allow you to come and go from Thailand as you wish.
–    You must be on a non-immigrant visa to apply for the extension. If you entered Thailand on another type of visa, the visa type must be converted.
–    With this type of visa extensions if you do not exit Thailand within 90 days you must report to immigration. This does not take very long. You just have to get a stamp at the Immigration Office and no costs are involved.
–    Income from outside Thailand can be shown as pension, investment income etc. Employment is not necessary if the income exists and can be proven.
–    Your Thai spouse can be the sole income provider for the application.
–    Each Thai Embassy and Consulate abroad has different requirements please call and check for updated information.

List of Required Documents for Thailand Marriage Visa

1.    Application Form
2.    Copy of the passport of the applicant
3.    Copy of the proof of relationships such as marriage evidence, birth certificate, certificate of child adoption registration, a copy of census registration, certificate of adopted child adoption registration, or other papers issued by the related official organization or government agencies.
4.    Pictures of the married couple taken inside their residence in Thailand.
5.    The pieces of evidence of having Thai nationality of the married couple, father, mother, ordinary child, or adopted child such as ID Card, census registration, or other papers issued by the related official organization or government agencies.
6.    The applicant is required to attach the certificate of having the savings in the bank account of any Bank in Thailand and a copy of the bank account, or evidences of personal income of either party or both that shows the total income of both parties not less than 40,000 Baht per month, such as the evidence of the personal income tax filing and the receipt, evidence of being a pensioner, credentials of receiving the interest of the saving money, or the evidences of having other income from other related organizations.

Please note that the rules and regulation for this visa type are constantly changing, so please check with local Thai Authorities for updated information.