Market for Alternative Investments (MAI)

The Market for Alternative Investments  Provides Opportunities for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

The Market for Alternative Investments ( MAI ) has been established under the Securities Exchange of Thailand Act.

The objective is to create new fund-raising opportunities for innovative businesses with high potential growth as well as to provide a greater range of investment alternatives for Thai investors.

A former president of the Market for Alternative Investment  summarises its vision as follows: “We strive to be the right and efficient exchange creating value for high potential, innovative and ventured companies in ASEAN.”

The main officially commenced operation on June 21, 1999.Market for Alternative Investment MAI

Fund-raising Alternative for High Potential and Innovative Ventures

The Market for Alternative Investments provides a new fund-raising alternative for potential growth firms. Listing on the MAI is a crucial step in the firm’s progress, helping bring the company up to international standards, strengthening its competitiveness, boosting its image and credibility, improving staff morale, and enabling the firm to attract and retain top-quality employees.

The MAI operates independently under the supervision of the SET Board of Directors. The MAI committee sets out its policies and oversees the market’s operation and its front office responsibilities, such as listing and public relations. The operational systems and flexible listing requirements have been set to suit the character of any firms-sized. Furthermore, the MAI has its own President and marketing team.

The Market for Alternative Investments Uses SET Infrastructure

However, back-office functions, such as the trading system, clearing and settlement procedures, trading surveillance and supervision, as well as disclosure requirements, will be based entirely on the existing SET operations.

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