Issuance of Emergency Certificate

I. Requirements
Aliens as listed below are eligible to apply for Emergency Certificate (EC) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of Consular Affairs, Visa and Travel Documents Division located on Chaengwattana Road, Bangkok 10210 , Tel. 0-2981-7171 ext. 3201  or  3202  / direct line  0-2575-1062-3

Political refugees:
Stateless children under the patronage of the Department of Public Welfare
Foreigners whose passport or travel document is lost and no consular missions of that national available in the Kingdom
Alien’s infant whose consular mission of that national is no avail in Thailand

II. Documents Required
– An application form completely filled out
– 3 photographs (2 1/2 inches) taken within the past six months
– Daily Report on Lost Documents from Royal Thai Police with its two copies
– Confirmed ticket identified the departure date with its copy
– Letter from the Ministry of Interior (Political refugees) with its two copies
– A Certificate of Birth with its two copies (Alien’s infant)
– Letter from Department of Public Welfare with its two copies

III. Application Fee
300 Baht