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2009 Poll Reveals Public Perception of Thai Government Performance

According to a 2009 public opinion poll, the Thai government received a moderate approval rating for its performance during the first six months of its tenure. Conducted by Suan Dusit Poll, the survey saw the government garner an average score of 6.39 out of 10, a respectable rating that underscores the public’s measured optimism towards the administration during this period.

In a regional breakdown of these numbers, a fascinating pattern emerged. The poll revealed that provinces outside of the capital were generally more positive about the government’s performance. They awarded an average rating of 6.52, half a point higher than Bangkok’s somewhat conservative score of 6.02. This regional variation suggests a more favorable impression of the government’s efforts in the provinces, indicative of the administration’s potentially successful initiatives targeted at rural and regional development.

The poll also drew attention to the performance of individual leaders within the government. Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva found favor among the respondents, earning an approval rating of 7.38 out of 10. This score indicates a relatively high level of confidence in his leadership, reflecting public appreciation for his policy direction and governing style during the first six months.

However, the Cabinet, as a collective entity, received a slightly lower approval rating of 6.3. While still a decent score, it trailed behind the Prime Minister’s, signaling the public’s discerning judgment of individual Cabinet members’ performance and their collective policy implementation.

These numbers provide a snapshot of the public perception during this time. They reveal a cautiously optimistic populace that seems to see potential in their leaders while remaining astutely aware of the room for improvement. The poll, therefore, serves not just as a report card for the government’s initial six-month stint but also as a guiding light, illuminating the areas where the administration could focus its efforts to better serve the citizens in the future.

This 2009 Suan Dusit Poll provides a valuable insight into the public sentiment towards the government, offering a critical measure of the administration’s performance, which could significantly influence its strategic direction moving forward. By tracking these metrics, the Thai government, guided by the voice of its people, can work towards effectively addressing the needs of the nation and bolstering public trust and approval.

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