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Thai Stocks Trading

Thai Stocks Trading –  Take Advantage of Favorable Equity Taxation in the Kingdom

Trading Thai Stocks is a great way to make money in the kingdom. The Thai Stock Market offers a great range of established dividend stocks and as well as growth stocks alike.

The Thai Baht and the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) have proven remarkably resilient throughout domestic political crises and hazardous international environments.

Opening a trading account for foreigners for the Thai Stock Exchange is straightforward and with flat, automatic taxation of 10% on dividends an obvious choice to make your money work for you.

Trading in the Thai Stock Market obviously only makes sense if you have sufficient capital at your disposal. But even a moderate investment in stocks is useful to secure your financial future.

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What You Need to Know about Thai Stock Trading

The  Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) is the national stock exchange located in Bangkok with the main indices SET, SET50 Index and SET100 comprising of the major enterprises of the country.  The SET is your starting point for a trading career in Thailand.

The Market for Alternative Investments (mai) was established to create new fund-raising opportunities for innovative businesses with high potential growth as well as to provide a greater range of investment alternatives for Thai investors. The mai is generally speaking for Thai market trading experts

Thai Accounting Standards need to be known by the savvy investor. How to prepare and present financial statements.

Banking in Thailand provides you with an overview of the financial institutions in Thailand and which banks you can apply a bank account for.

Find Stockbrokers in Thailand in Thailand and select the suitable one for your trading needs.

Thailand Financial & Economic Resources  –  Stay ahead of the curve with the right financial and economic resources. Apart from the current site, you are on,  here are some of the main  Internet resources for backup information on your trading decisions.


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