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Bangkok’s April tourism recovers

Association of Thai Travel Agents’ members handled 241,121 international tourists at Suvarnabhumi Airport in April representing a remarkable improvement of 100.45% from 120,288 visits during the same month last year, according to the association’s data.

The improvement was dramatic because in April 2010 the capital was under siege by red shirt demonstrations, who occupied a prime tourist district in downtown Bangkok.

It ended in a bloody crackdown 19 May that left department stores and some offices badly damaged and at least 89 fatalities during the crisis 10 April to 19 May.

The top tourist supplier was China providing 56,578 trips. It represented a 334.28% improvement from 13,028 trips over the same month last year.

The second top market was Russia with 42,807 trips, up 110.20% from 20,364 trips during the same period last year. India was the third top market with 21,540 trips representing a 59.70% increase of 13,488 trips.

Korea followed in fourth place with 15,503 trips, also showing an improvement of 130.08% from 6,738 trips in 2010.

Taiwan was fifth with 13,247 trips growing by a massive 256.77% from 3,713 trips during the same month last year.

The next top five markets were: Vietnam (8,934; +830.63%); Japan (8,784; +5.41%); Hong Kong (7,762; +222.74%); UK (6,249; +6.11%) and Germany (5,627; -10.14%).

Source: TTRWeekly


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