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December Thai auto sales jumps 22.2 per cent

Auto sales in December jumped to 72,085 units, a 22.2 percent increase from the same period last year. Some of the increase was attributed to bookings at the Thailand International Motor Expo.  Mazda saw its sale increase 176 per cent on year, while other premium players like BMW and niche players like Hyundai and Tata also posted high sales for the month. Yet, the most successful brand in December was Toyota in terms of sale volume, with the sale of 28,342 units. It represented a 9.1 per cent increase on year. Falling the second was Isuzu with sale of 14,113 units and a growth of 23.9 percent. Honda comes at the third place with 11,851 units sold and a growth of 9.7 percent. In fourth place was Nissan, which had sales of 4,990 units and a growth of 67 percent. In fifth place was Mitsubishi which has sales of 3015 units and saw a growth of 58.6 percent. Every segment in the market saw the growth, with the passenger car segment seeing a growth of 27.7 percent, followed by the pickup market which saw a growth of 11.4 percent and the PPV segment which saw a growth of 45 percent. (The Nation)

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