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Kim Eng Securities Forecasts Robust Second Half of 2009 Amidst Improved Thai Stock Market Sentiment

Kim Eng Securities, a prominent player in the finance sector, is looking forward with optimism to an improved performance in the second half of 2009. This positivity comes on the back of an encouraging sentiment towards the Thai stock exchange, an influential factor that the firm believes will considerably bolster its results.

In the first half of 2009, Kim Eng Securities already experienced a marked uptick in its market share, an indicator of the firm’s growing influence in the financial landscape. According to CEO Monti Sornpaisarn, the firm’s market share jumped from an initial 8.2% at the start of the year to an impressive 10-11% by mid-year. This increase points to a rising investor confidence in the firm’s capabilities and its strategic positioning in the financial marketplace.

The trading volume on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) has also seen a significant surge. “In the first quarter, the SET’s average trading volume was Bt8.8 billion per day. However, this figure soared to Bt22 billion per day in the second quarter,” said Mr. Sornpaisarn. He noted that the magnitude of this increase was well beyond what had been anticipated at the start of the year.

This dramatic escalation in trading volume is a positive sign of heightened activity and investor interest in the Thai stock market. It also suggests a burgeoning economic recovery after a period of subdued market activity. As such, Kim Eng Securities is optimistic that this trend of increasing trading volumes will persist into the second half of the year.

Should this trend continue, it would inevitably lend substantial support to the firm’s financial performance. Higher trading volumes generally equate to increased transaction fees for brokerage firms like Kim Eng Securities. Therefore, a sustained rise in trading activity could significantly boost the firm’s revenue and profitability.

In the context of these developments, Kim Eng Securities’ leadership remains vigilant and responsive to market dynamics. As the firm navigates the rest of the year, its focus will remain on seizing emerging opportunities and continuing to provide excellent service to its clients, thereby further strengthening its position in the market.


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