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MINT ‘safe’ from floods

Niphit Ariyawong, adviser to the department, said everything would be done to protect the mint. He said the authority had erected a strong flood-prevention barrier more than a metre high around the Bt1-billion mint.

“We’re confident of protecting the mint, and we can continue to supply coins to the economy,” he said.

The Treasury Department has also pledged to participate in flood prevention in both the short and long terms in the wake of the crisis in Central provinces.

The department, which owns 12.5 million rai (2 million hectares) of land nationwide, will try to manage its properties to assist central and local governments in dealing with flooding, its director-general Naris Chaiyasoot said yesterday.

Naris met with senior officials to discuss several solutions.

The department will work with other agencies to set up relief centres for flood victims on its properties, he said. It will survey all its land plots to investigate what areas are at risk of flooding.

The department will study the culture of local communities before designing a flood-prevention plan, he said. Naris pledged to coordinate with other state agencies and non-profit organisations engaging in flood relief.

In the medium to long run, the department will participate in economic rehabilitation, he said.

It will also allow its partners to create flood barriers, small reservoirs or other water-management facilities on its land plots, he said.

Naris said the department would collaborate with other parties to put in place a flood-warning system. Flood zoning would be set up and people would be advised on house design.

Source: The Nation

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