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Singha focuses on food

Singha Corporation will focus more on expanding its food business as it generates higher profits than the beverage business.

The decision was made following a good response from consumers to its food chains such as Est.33, Konoya udon restaurant and Farm Design, a dessert restaurant.

Sant Bhirom-Bhakdi, the company’s marketing director for non-alcohol business, said Singha saw room to engage more in the food business.

The plans are to open more restaurants under the existing brands and to introduce new food brands.

Currently, there are 12 food restaurants under the four brands of Singha Corporation.

”We can make a 20% profit margin in the food business, compared to 5% from making drinking water, soda and snacks,” he said.

For the non-alcohol business, which involves beverages, restaurants and snacks, the company plans to add one or two new products to its portfolio. The company expects sales of the non-alcohol business will grow by 20% from 15 billion baht last year.

Singha also plans to spend 50 million baht to promote its new mineral water under the Purra brand, a lucrative segment that grows at 20% a year. The local market for mineral water is estimated to be worth 1.8 billon baht.

Singha Corp expects to control about a 10% share in the mineral water market by the end of this year.

Source: Bangkok Post

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