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Survey: More corruption expected

Corruption in Thailand will worsen in the next 12 months unless serious measures are launched to tackle it, says an anti-corruption business alliance.

It warned that effective law enforcement is critical in encouraging all stakeholders to address the issue.

The coalition comprising 30 state enterprises and private businesses yesterday released results from the first Thailand Corruption Perception Index (Thai CPI) designed to measure monthly public awareness and opinions of unethical practices.

Thai CPI figures for last month showed half of the 2,400 people surveyed expect more corruption next year unless effective preventive measures are introduced.

Nearly half believe the government is unable to solve this issue.

The University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, which conducted the survey, said corruption is among the top five problems that Thais want the new government to tackle, along with the rising cost of living, lifting people’s incomes, floods and drugs.

Still, 75% of those surveyed said they would do nothing if they witnessed corruption as they wanted to avoid trouble.

“The findings stem from the fact that people are not confident about the system now used to fight corruption. If we could assure them that the system works effectively, they would be willing to go along and do their part,” said Vichai Assarasakorn, secretary-general of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (TCC), a member of the coalition.

“Stamping out corruption requires political determination and commitment. The government announced that fighting corruption is one of seven priorities, but we’re still waiting for a plan.”

Mr Vichai said the business sector had vowed to “clean its house”, and those not fully committed to the fight will be subject to punishment.

The anti-corruption coalition was formed on June 1 and chaired by Dusit Nontanakorn, the late chairman of both the TCC and the Board of Trade.

The alliance will stage an anti-corruption walk on Sept 25 to raise public awareness.

Source: Bangkok Post

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