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10:15-Oct 31: Khlong Prapa up, Chaengwattana flooded

This morning, the old Bangkok Post reporter pedalled his mountainbike from his home on Chaengwattana Rd behind Central shopping centre to investigate flood situation on Khlong Prapa as usual.

Khlong Prapa, which supplies raw water to be made into tap water at Samsen plant, was innundated from flooded Lak Hok area due to angry residents destroying the canal dyke to the length of about 10 metres two days ago. The water level rises a little, blackish and full of rubbish from Lak Hok’s Wat Nawong community.  Apparently, the MWA, soldiers and Ital-Thai have not finished repairing the damage yet due to difficult working condition facing the floodwater.

The rising water from the North run-off and from Khlong Prempachakorn overflowing now innundate Bangkok side of Chaengwattana road. The level at Lotus and Big C is now higher than yesterday about 40-60 cm. Small cars and motorcylces can no longer pass.

The Pakkret Municipality last night built an earth dyke  on Chaengwattana intersection to prevent possible floodwater spilling over to Chaengwattana on Pakkret side.

Biking back to investigate Pakkret pier, the old reporter saw cars, pickup trucks still single parking and double parking on any elevated roadway on Chaengwattan Rd including on Rama IV bridge, leaving only one narrow lane for navigation. The number of parked vehicles has declined yet again.

The Chao Phraya water level at Pakkret Municipality, north of Nonthaburi during high tide morning declines a little, still very highest ever in living memory.

The current is moderate. It takes about 2-3 hours for the water mass from Pakkret to reach the heart of Bangkok.

Source: Bangkok P0st


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