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The SET Struggles to Break Through Key Level as Liquidity Remains a Challenge

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After a brief Christmas Rally, the SET (Stock Exchange of Thailand) has once again failed to surpass the crucial level of 1430. Instead, it continues to fluctuate around the 1410 mark, a trend that has persisted since October 2023. The primary obstacle hindering the SET’s progress is the persistent issue of liquidity.

Liquidity, in the context of the stock market, refers to the ease with which assets can be bought or sold without causing a significant impact on their prices. When liquidity is high, it indicates a healthy and active market, allowing investors to enter and exit positions with relative ease. However, when liquidity is low, it can lead to stagnant or choppy market conditions, making it difficult for the SET to gain momentum.

The SET’s struggle with liquidity is not unique. Many stock exchanges around the world face similar challenges, particularly during periods of economic uncertainty or market volatility. In the case of the SET, this issue has been ongoing for several months, indicating a deeper underlying problem that needs to be addressed.

One possible reason for the liquidity issue could be a lack of investor confidence. When investors are uncertain about the future direction of the market, they may hold onto their investments rather than actively trading them. This behavior reduces the overall liquidity in the market and creates a stagnant environment.

Another factor contributing to the liquidity challenge could be the limited number of participants in the market. If there are fewer buyers and sellers, it becomes harder for trades to occur smoothly, resulting in choppy price movements and a lack of momentum.

Furthermore, external factors such as global economic conditions and geopolitical tensions can also impact liquidity in the SET. If investors are cautious due to uncertainties in the global economy or concerns about political stability, they may choose to stay on the sidelines, further exacerbating the liquidity problem.

Addressing the liquidity issue requires a multi-faceted approach. Firstly, market regulators and authorities need to work towards creating a favorable environment that encourages participation and boosts investor confidence. This can be achieved through implementing transparent regulations, improving corporate governance practices, and providing adequate investor protection.

Additionally, efforts should be made to attract more market participants, both domestic and international. Increasing the number of active traders and investors can help enhance liquidity and create a more vibrant market. This can be done through educational initiatives, promoting awareness about the benefits of investing in the SET, and simplifying the process of entering the market.

Moreover, fostering innovation and embracing technological advancements can also play a crucial role in improving liquidity. The adoption of digital trading platforms, algorithmic trading, and other technological solutions can enhance market efficiency and attract a wider range of participants.

Overall, the SET’s struggle to break through the key level of 1430 and its choppy movement around 1410 highlight the underlying liquidity challenge. By addressing the factors contributing to this issue and implementing measures to improve liquidity, the SET can create a more dynamic and resilient market environment.

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